Meeting with your TRIO Academic Advisor: 5 Talking Points


Did you know that the advising relationship is at the core of academic advising and a student’s success?

That’s right!

So, as fall classes begin and it is time to meet with your TRIO Academic Advisor, consider these five talking points to get the conversation rolling.

I would like to review my transcript.

Reviewing your transcript  gives you a clear picture of your grades, cumulative GPA, and how to move forward with successfully planning future semesters of course work.


I would like to review my academic plan.

Reviewing your academic plan ensures that you are on track for graduation and ensures that the student’s specific needs and goals are addressed so that the student is successful.


I would like to discuss my transfer plans.

Since the transfer process involves numerous steps, it is important to begin this conversation with your Advisor once you have decided upon a major and that you indeed want to transfer to a four-year college or university.


I would like to discuss my tutoring options.

If you think that you may need tutoring for a particular course, explain your concerns to your Academic Advisor so that you can be referred to appropriate tutoring.

Tutoring options could include meeting with a TRIO Professional Tutor, using Smarthinking Online Tutoring, being referred to MASS, Peer Tutoring, and/or the Writing Center.

With so many resources available, be sure to speak with your Advisor about next steps.


I would like to discuss strategies for financing college, in particular, scholarships.

Discussing ways to afford college is an important conversation to have with your Advisor because your Advisor can refer you to scholarships that are sent weekly from the Foundation Office, inform you on scholarships deadlines such as with the DACC Foundation Scholarship, and help you create your own account on Fastweb to search for scholarship that fit your goals.


For more information on Academic Success visit the TRIO School Shelf by clicking below.

51 Tips for Academic Success.



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