Refer a Friend to TRIO in 3 Steps


Did you know you could refer a friend to TRIO?

That’s right!

Why not have your friend benefit from the same services, tools, and resources that you do to support your academic excellence?

Refer a Friend to TRIO in 3 Steps

  1. Send them the link to the TRIO SSS Interest Form and Application.
  2. Walk with them to the Student Success Center located in Cannon Hall to briefly speak with a staff member.
  3. Check in with your friend to make sure he or she submitted all necessary information!


  • You are a first-generation college student

Being a first-generation college  student means that neither one of your parents completed a four-year college or university (bachelor’s) degree.

  • You have financial need

Having financial need means that your individual or family taxable income falls below the official federal income figure determined by family size.

  • You have a physical or learning disability

Having a disability means that you have a documented physical or learning disability that may affect your role as a student.





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